Coleco : BC II : Grog's Revenge


Both boxes show the character Thor, but their designs are different. The American version is unique, while the Canadian version is the one used for other videogame systems.



The labels on the cases were different as well. The American label was standard, while the Canadian one was black & white and bilingual. Note that this game did not come with an additional French label since the original label had already been in English and French.


Instructions Manuals

The presentation format of the American manual was consistent with the last manuals, while it was in line with the game concept. The Canadian version returned to the format of the first games.


Introduction Screen

Believe it or not, even the rom of the game was different. The introduction was not the same. In the American version, the first screen had the standard intro with the Colecovision logo and the second screen was the game selection. In the Canadian version, the first screen had blue background with “Coleco Canada Presents”, the second had the credits, and the third had the game options.

American Screen 1


Canadian Screen 1


American Screen 2

Canadian Screen 2


Canadian Screen 3