The Coleco company created over 50 games for their Colecovision system. At the launch, most games were converted arcade games. Later, the developped their own games in addition to creating games based on movies and toys.

Most of the games are easy to find. Coleco is the only company that made overlays. Some of them were meant for standard controllers and others for the Super Action Controllers. Canadian games were equipped with additionnal French labels. Some American games were in plastic boxes (clamshell) while the Canadian version of the same games were in cardboard boxes.

Unfortunately, the catalogue showed many games that were never released. It was a company strategy in order to see future consumer interest.


2010 : The Graphic Action Game Antarctic Adventure BC's Quest for Tires II : Grog's Revenge
Brain Strainers
Cosmic Avenger
Donkey Kong
The Dukes of Hazzard
Front Line
Ken Uston's Blackjack / Poker
Monkey Academy
Omega Race
Roc'n Rope
Smurf : Rescue in Gargamel's Castle
Spy Hunter
Super Action Baseball
Time Pilot