POP Kiosk

Truly the "Holy Grail" for ColecoVision collectors. Standing just shy of 7 feet tall, and 4 feet wide, this behemoth was a marketing tool used by Coleco to draw in consumer attention at retail stores during the lifespan of the ColecoVision game console. "The Arcade Quality Video Game System" had the ultimate attention grabbing display cabinet, a giant, over-sized arcade cabinet. The unit featured the ColecoVision logo in large colorful lettering on the front marquee as well as on both sides. The television itself resides behind a piece of smoked Plexiglas with advertising posters on either side. The left poster highlighted games, with screenshots and descriptions of some of Coleco's popular titles, while the right poster described the console's abilities and even promoted add-on peripherals such as the Expansion Modules #1 and #2. The ColecoVision console itself resided in the center of the controller panel in between 2 sets of arcade style controls. Each controller set featured an arcade-styled, ball-topped joystick, two independent fire buttons, and a complete 12 button keypad. The controller panel also had double depth wells in the rear for advertising pamphlets like the pack-in ones included in with the ColecoVision game console, as well as peripherals like the Driving Module and the Roller Controller. Underneath the controller/console panel there were two lockable sliding doors to be used as storage for the store's stock of ColecoVision games and accessories. Both doors featured an identical poster with 12 pictures of game box covers.

The only original kiosk known is owned by a Colecovision collector from Ohio, USA. Here are some photos he takes from is precious.