Coleco Canada

Coleco Canada used to be located at 4000 St-Ambroise street in Montreal. The factory complex was built in 1882 by the Merchants Manufacturing Company, that was the most important employer of the St-Henri district. In 1905 Merchants Manufacturing became Dominion Textile Co. It was in 1967 that Coleco started to occupy the building at 4000 St-Ambroise until the company's bankruptcy in 1989. For over 10 years following the bankruptcy, the building was unoccupied and almost abandoned. In 1999, the centennial building was purchased and completely renovated. Today, the place is called Château St-Ambroise, and it accommodates lofts and a restaurant. At the reception, there are pictures of the building during its days of glory. There is also a small area reserved for the Coleco era with some games. If you have a chance to come to Montreal, I strongly suggest that you visit this historical building.

Pictures taken during the late 1800s – mid 1900s.













Pictures before the 2000s renovations.









Pictures after the 2000s renovations.













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